Some Changes Behind The Scenes…

Posted On Tuesday, May 4th, 2010 By Raider3

In the battle of content management systems, WordPress won out over Drupal, so expect a major overhaul of the main NetworkR3 section within the next few days. In related news, this site is going to get somewhat active again, as we’re within a month of FanimeCon, taking place at end of the month in downtown San Jose, CA, over Memorial Day weekend. Expect your Friendly Neighborhood Admin to be there in costume as Black Jack once again. (Hey, it’s my all-time favorite costume!) More updates as needed. Bear with me as I update and add content, and finish tweaking the site. (A botched upgrade of Drupal more or less sealed the deal, besides – WordPress is a bit more versatile for my needs. Enjoy!)


Soft Grand Opening: Going With What I’ve Got…

Posted On Wednesday, November 18th, 2009 By Raider3

A day ahead of schedule, because it’s going to get busy for the next week and a half. Welcome, travelers, to a new resource on Black Jack, the legendary outlaw surgeon created by Osamu Tezuka, a man known as the “God of Manga” in Japan. Black Jack has been a personal interest of mine, since I saw the mid 1990s OAVs, directed by Osamu Dezaki, and branching out to collecting the manga, video releases (commercially released and otherwise), soundtracks to the 2004 TV series, and even creating my own Black Jack costume for cosplay. In a way, Black Jack is the character I’ve come to identify with the most throughout half my life spent being an anime and manga fan. I’ll work hard to build this into an informative, yet entertaining site, if nothing else, to compliment other Tezuka-related resources out on the net. (A tip of the hat to Putrocca over at, one of the premier online resources for just about anything one could want to know about Osamu Tezuka, his works, and his characters. More to come in the days and weeks ahead – Including more content whenever I can get it together, and get it ready Continue Reading


Keep Watching This Space…

Posted On Thursday, October 8th, 2009 By Raider3

Grand Opening Coming Soon… (Once again, Drupal is Gone, WordPress is Going Live!!)